How to make my home a powerhouse

of food, energy and inspiration?

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• A home for intentional communities everywhere
• Live with people you can count on
• Bring the power of nature into your current home
• Learn what alternative principles and materials can be incorporated into traditional architecture
• Join teams building earth-based homes within zoning requirements
Welcome to the Home Lovin Community
• What is home? Energize your home and make it incredible.
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A platform for ecovillages
Visit one.
Or join us in building your future ecovillage.
Here we evaluate the sustainability of building practices and materials,
empowering everyone to live in harmony with their environment.
Big earthship
How do earthships work?
Let's look under the hood:
Transparent diagram
Detailed diagram
naturally cool during summer
Naturally warm during winter
and that's without A/C or gas
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Not ready for a new home?
No worries, there's a lot you can do:
• Bring abundance into your current home
• Visit and learn about abundant homes
• Join workshops and teams bringing innovation
• Rent an abundant home
• Crowdsource improvements to your home
What can we learn from alternative architecture?
Earthship night
monolythic domes
green roof
earthbag home
energy efficient home
green magic home
Monolythic dome
Green roof home
Earthbag home
Energy efficient home
Green magic home

What we
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Integrating homes with the earth

Make your home a shining example of innovation, self-sufficiency and integration. Join a thriving community focused on building and transforming homes into abundant sources of food, warmth, energy and creativity.


A community of advanced homes

Join an oasis of thought-provoking abodes. Whether you are just visiting or renting, or already beautifying and enhancing our exclusive communities, you will feel right at home learning about and applying the latest and greatest ideas on the horizon.

Building home

Making it accessible everywhere

Help us make earth-friendly residences available to everyone, everywhere. Participate in our latest efforts to engage in partnerships, policy overhauls, innovative financial models and grassroots movements to change the going paradigm.

Home Lovin Community

Join us on an adventure.

Communities with a purpose transforming the world.

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